ACURIS – who we are

We are a partnership of highly qualified attorneys-at-law located in central Munich, sharing one goal: We are dedicated to finding the best solution for our clients in each individual case.

In brief

  • Founded in 2002
  • Legal advice from highly qualified, experienced attorneys-at-law, all of whom have worked for major law firms before, and some of whom are also tax advisors
  • (Long-term) counseling for national and international clients on complex legal and strategic issues
  • Representation of interests both in and out of court as well as in courts of arbitration


For expertise required beyond the legal areas we cover, we leverage our tight network of leading law firms and tax advisory firms in Germany, Europe, the United States and many other countries.

As we do not depend on any (inter)national group, we are able to consult the firms we consider to be the perfect fit for each individual case.

Our values

Focus on expertise and commitment rather than size:
We believe that high-quality legal advice is not a matter of size but of the attorneys’ expertise and commitment.

Tailored advice with foresight:
We focus on a limited number of mandates, for which we seek tailored solutions and concepts. The best possible long-term result for our client is our benchmark for success.

Continuity and trust:
Key to our success is the cooperation we have with our clients, which is usually long-term and trustful, sometimes spanning decades. This way we get detailed insights into our clients’ matters, allowing us to achieve optimal results.

Clients – who we are

Our clients include many German and international companies, such as listed companies, and family offices as well as entrepreneurs, company organs and executives.

What can we do for you?