Data protection

We advise companies on how to handle the personal data of their employees, clients and business partners in accordance with legal provisions, to avoid state penalties and damage to reputation. We also support corporate data protection officers.
Many of our clients are commercial agencies, IT companies and consultancies that offer potential-oriented data solutions and services. For such companies having an effective, structured design for internal and external data processing processes is key to long-term success. As such we leverage our expertise to develop and contractually implement innovative business models for the commercialization of data-specific products.


  • Advice on adapting data protection structures to applicable data protection law
  • Advice on handling data breaches
  • Preparing documents required for data-protection law purposes (such as data protection guidelines, data protection declarations and all kinds of contracts related to data protection)
  • Website content design in accordance with data protection law
  • Advice on developing digital products for utilization of databases
  • Protection of employee data