Labor law

A competitive environment and technological change require a high degree of responsibility and flexibility from companies and employees. Labor law can be leveraged as an important corporate-governance tool, in particular for the design of business structures and steering of work processes. Our experienced labor-law specialists advise small, mid-sized and major companies as well as executives on all individual and collective labor-law issues. We represent our clients in negotiations in and out of court as well as before the conciliation committee.


  • Advice on establishing and terminating employment or service relationships (designing employment contracts and separation agreements, notices of termination)
  • Hiring out of employees as temporary workers
  • Corporate codetermination (working hours schemes, variable remuneration schemes, IT systems)
  • Transfer, restructuring and rationalization of companies (in particular transfer of the ownership of a firm, reconciliation of interests and social compensation plan)
  • Law concerning collective bargaining (in particular representing clients during the negotiation of corporate collective wage agreements) and industrial disputes
  • Company pension schemes
  • Compliance as well as protection of employee data
  • Advising representatives of company organs (board members and managing directors) on the establishment and termination of the board membership and service relationship, in particular on remuneration and liability issues